Interview with C. Borchi, Stormlord. Reissue & Future.

Interview with C. Borchi, Stormlord founder and Standard Bearer of Extreme Epic Metal.

Careo EdeM
Interview to: Cristiano Borchi,  STORMLORD vocalist.
Origin/Location: Roma (Italy)
Foundation: 1991 
Genre: Extreme Epic Metal 
Discography: Complete, Here. Last Release:
    • «Far» (2019)

Label: Scarlet Records (Dusktone, for the reissue)

Social Networks:

 Interviewer: Pablo Alarcón «Aliscar».


"Supreme Art of War" reissue and future "Milagre"...

C. Borchi, proud!

     Taking advantage of the epic Italian Extreme Metal band STORMLORD, Supreme Art of War reissue, Pablo Aliscar once again contacts the founder and thinking head of the Roman squad, with whom he usually maintains fluid contact.

EdeM: 1) Is Stormlord a cult band?

Cristiano Borchi (C.B.): It’s not up to me to say, but the first results and fedbacks of the reissue bring to this conclusion. Stormlord is a band to discover, we never got massive promotion from a big label or entity, but nevertheless, we saw we are considered a cult band from many.

EdeM: 2) A fact that you have never given about the band or that we should know due to its relevance.

C. B.: It’s hard to say bcause we are really transparent with the people and we like to share all with our fans.

EdeM: 3) An achievement you look forward to get with Stormlord.
C. B.: A new album is the next achievement. For me, to be here after more than 30 years is already the best achievement the music can gift to a musician.

EdeM: 4) A festival where you would like the group’s logo to appear.

C. B.: Every one with Iron Maiden!

» For me, to be here after more than 30 years is already the best achievement «

Wooden box with reissue merch (Dusktone label)

EdeM: 5) One or more bands to share a tour with.

C. B.: Iron Maiden! We played with many big bands, but for me as fan it’s a dream to share the stage with them.

EdeM: 6) A theme that you want to use in future lyrics.

C. B.: Epic themes as always. It’s soon to talk about the lyrics, in Stormlord it’s the last thing of the song we release, we usually create music and vocal lines with fake words first, then turn them into real lyrics.

EdeM: 7) Something important that would change in some of the band’s creations.

C. B.: Our sound is quite undefined and free, but coherent at the same time. I don’t see big changes in the future, you’ll always get 100% Stormlord sound in our albums. I don’t like bands changing their sound because they grow up or similar reason. I personally think it’s not honest with the fans. Yes you can grow and change your mind, but at that point change the band name too. If I went to a store to buy an Iron Maiden album, that’s because I want to listen an Iron Maiden album, not Iron Maiden palying something different because they have grown up but want to keep the band name for convenience. I know many will disagree, but it’s my point of view.

Part of the merch for the "Supreme Art of War" reissue.

EdeM: 8) How are the sales of the reissue of the work “Supreme Art of War” going?

C. B.: It’s really early to say, what we can say is that it’s the best performing presale of our website history, and the guys of the label are really happy too. So it seems things are going really great.

EdeM: 9)How was the “revival” party in Rome presenting the reissue?

C.B.: We preferred to wait for a new album to do the party. (Note EdeM: It has been postponed).

EdeM: 10) If you had to revisit other Stormlord releases, which album would you like to release something special with, reissue, new merch, re-recording, anniversary Show…?

C. B.: We’ll do something you mentioned in the future, but it will not be a re-recording, that’s for sure. Every band has an inner desire to re-record something, especially if many years have passed. But remebrances and emotions of fans are tied to that recordings. Is it bad to you? Could it be better? No matter. For example, my voice on Supreme Art Of War it’s quite terrible to my ears, but I’ll never re-record it.

Stormlord 1

EdeM: 11) We know that you are in the process of composing new sound material for your seventh studio album. Don’t tell us you can’t tell us anything… 😉

C.B.: It will be 100% Stormlord! To be honest, it’s still early to give details. What I can say is what we did so far blows me away, it’s over my expectations. I know it’s the typical answer of the bands, but I can assure it’s the truth. It will be worth the wait.

"What we did so far blown me away, it's over my expectations."

EdeM: 12) We are going to close this “interrogation” with a bet on the future, the adventure that will be the participation of Stormlord in the Portuguese Fest Milagre Metaleiro (August 2024). What can you dream and tell?

C.B.: This will be a special event for Stormlord. We will give details later. Stay tuned to our social networks and those of EdeM.

EdeM: 13) As always, you can end the «careo» by wielding the EdeM Torch, to address the Stormlord fans. Tell them what you think.

C.B.: I can only say thank you to them. I will never cease to be amazed by all the love and appreciation we receive from our fans, they are the fuel that powers the Stormlord machine.

Thank you very much for your time, dedication and for being a musician and accessible person when I asked you to do so, to “get” information about the band from you. Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of Stormlord and for this excellent reissue in different formats. I loved it! Grazie Mille, amico! Greetings.

    We hope that with this new «careo» (interview) with Stormlord you are encouraged to learn more about their musical proposal, that of a group that in my opinion deserves greater recognition. For the most fans and curious people:

In case you are interested in the band’s recently released material, here are links to purchase merch:

Sulphur ´Zine, Special Merch.
Pablo Aliscar, a very great fan... Hail, Extreme Epic Metal, Caesars!!

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